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Extra Curricular Activities


Field trip excursions to the town of Tequila, Jalisco, the birthplace of Mexico's most famous drink, tequila (available year round for a minimal fee of $25 USD).

Excursion to visit the largest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala (available year round for a minimal fee of $25 USD).

Free tours of Guadalajara or Tlaquepaque.

Fine Mexican dining accompanied by live mariachi music at one of Guadalajara's gourmet restaurants (available for $17 USD).

Attendance to the University of Guadalajara world famous folkloric ballet; truly a must-see for culture lovers. Many of the most traditional dances of Mexico are represented in the beautiful Degollado or Diana Theatre (available for $10 USD).

For those students interested in dancing, an arrangement has been made with a local dance academy. These dance lessons are conducted outside of the school with a qualified dance instructor. Students have the choice of learning traditional dances (salsa, cumbia, etc.) or learning traditional Mexican folk dancing. The classes are taught privately and are approximately $15 USD per hour. Schedules vary and the arrangements can be made upon the student’s arrival.

Non-English, native Spanish speakers teach all classes, and you will have the opportunity to interact and practice your own Spanish. Students are asked to pay all fees directly to the service provider.

Swimming, for those students that would like to swim laps to keep fit or just to refresh their bodies after a long day they can go swimming during specific hours for "nado libre" (relaxed free swim time).

The semi-private heated public pool is conveniently located in the Club Deportivo (Sports and Recreation Park right outside one of the stops of the subway train system. You may attend Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM to 6 PM. The costs are as follows:
- Entrance to the sporting park is $.40 US cents
- To use the pool for as long as you wish during the day is $3.00 US dollars

If you are interested, let someone from the staff of our Spanish department know and they can provide you with the exact directions.

Volunteer Programs. As a socially responsible company, our school is well aware of the troubling situation in which many people around the world currently live and has undertaken a crusade to help as best it can. This endeavor is something that we can not do alone. For this reason we have allied ourselves with various non-profit organizations committed to the betterment of society. Through this alliance we are able to offer all our registered students a great assortment of volunteer options absolutely for free! Many organizations charge their volunteers up to as much as $1,600.00 USD for things such as placement, assistance, and training fees. Not only is our volunteer placement absolutely free for all our students, but it also includes all of the following:

  • Free, unlimited Internet use in our state of the art MULTIMEDIA LAB.
  • Free, unlimited wireless broadband is available throughout the building. Please ask for the password.
  • Free Salsa lessons two times a week.
  • Free Karaoke club.
  • Free guitar lessons. You just have to bring the guitar.
  • A special orientation meeting welcoming you to Guadalajara.
  • Free advice. Things may occur that you may require help with. Be advised that we have very efficient staff members who are here to help you in any way during your stay here. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Assistance available 24/7.
  • Free guide to nightlife and shopping. We have a social department which operates so that we can help orient you into our fine city to enjoy things like the exciting nightlife and the quaint, small towns nearby.
  • Free maps of Guadalajara and pertinent tourist information.
  • Free local cultural activities.
  • Free access to our fax machine in the reception area.
  • Free premier movies in our auditorium.

You may view a detailed description of all the volunteer options we offer at the following link:
All living expenses run on the volunteer's account.

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