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Flashpackers studying Spanish in South America


There are vast numbers of world travellers who are seeking a more refined travelling experience and who enjoy a strategy of globetrotting which is reminiscent of the traditional “backpacker.” These are people who are dealing with a blip in their career in some fashion. They are known as ¨flashpackers¨; world adventurers who are more mature perhaps being in their 30s or 40s and under some circumstance find they want to see the world after working for several years.

Some “flashpackers” have had less than satisfying careers and need to take some time to rethink their choices in this regard. There are more and more who choose to do this in our day due to rapid economic and technological changes. The corporate mentality has evolved into a more competitive; wearisome environment.A fresh perspective is what is needed in order to bring rise to different perhaps hidden talents and the inspiration to succeed in any environment.

It may be that these hard working individuals have set money aside and the feeling that supersedes is that the time is at hand to take action to follow through with desire. Certain sophistication goes along with the travel choices of the ¨flashpacker” because experience has shown that what is important is not only seeing the world as it really is but that there is nothing that replaces comfort. Comfort does not have to be expensive. Background reference has taught the ¨flashpacker¨ all the correct ways to truly plan intelligently and not to spend too much money.

The experience of going into parts of the world less known is much easier due to access through the internet to even the most remote areas. Newer, less touristy spots are being sought out stemming from the desire to understand all different sorts of cultures. To make advances in certain areas of your life travelling is a perfect opportunity to stretch boundaries that may have held you back from the pleasure of knowing that you are capable of undertaking an independent life changing enterprise.

Meeting people along the way makes you feel refreshed and perhaps all of the things you took for granted in your life seem better through the development of a new attitude.

Acquisition of the Spanish language is of utmost importance in our ever growing global economy. There are 23 countries worldwide where Spanish is the mother tongue. For career development staying on top of the competition is easily accomplished through being fluent in another language. Spanish is instrumental for understanding other Latin based languages such as French, Italian and Portuguese.

To be best prepared for the process of passing from country to country especially to parts of Latin America, including South America, Europe and Mexico; language skills are needed to make for the best exposure to an authentic cultural understanding. The Spanish programs at IMAC are custom designed so that you can gain the confidence to use the language in real life situations. You can choose to take classes from one week or as long as you may need. Knowledge can be gained in areas that are essential in order to be successful in your travels; for example when booking reservations for a hotel or when asking for directions. Cultural awareness will be gained through living in GuadalajaraMexico during your studies which is one of the country’s lesser commercialized areas. Cultural understanding can further your knowledge for use in different countries as well.

IMAC will book your accommodations with one of our local host families if you choose so. These families will welcome you whole heartedly into their environment. This arrangement will give you the complete Spanish language and cultural immersion experience on top of your studies.

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