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Guadalajara, Mexico Night Life


Here are some places that are fun and where it is safe and "in".You will not be allowed in if you are dressed in tennis shoes and jeans so forget it - Mexicans dress very nicely to go out in the nighttime - at least to these places! Be careful whenever you are going out in the nighttime - this are very nice places in nice parts of town - but still - you never know! So girls - don´t get drunk and wild and boys - don't be picking up on girls that have a boyfriend!!

  • Chess: Av. Lopez - dancing, good music, pool and open bar on Wednesdays - Men $120 pesos and women are free.  Thursday they have concerts or special events Wed,Fri and Sat from 8:30-3 a.m. Men $60 pesos and women $30 pesos.

  • Hard Rock: Av. Vallarta 2425 in Centro Magno - 615-2855 - this is for "older" people - those 25 years old and up - all types of music - if you are a non-smoker forget it cause you will choke inside - Wed-Sat from 10 - 3 a.m. $60 pesos per person.

  • El Capitol: Vallarta 2648 - 615-9366 - this place is still in after many years- right next to the Arches off of Minerva Circle - Wed,Fri and Sat. 10- 3 a.m. Open bar till 1 a.m.

  • Barzelona: Av. Americas 1242 - 817-4410 - a disco - Wed through Sat from 9 -3:30 a.m. Wed. open bar - Men $95 pesos Women free - Thurs. no cover charge - Friday and Sat. $45 pesos.

  • Hippos Bar: just to sit and chat - any time of the day - Plaza del Sol 15-c -121-009.

  • Mahoma: Prolongacion Americas 1939 corner of Patria - 636-1996 - great place - and very in right now - Wed,Frid, and Sat. from 10 p.m. till 4 a.m. (your mother wants you home before this) Thurs and Frid $60 pesos for men and $40 for women - Wed. open bar for $100 men.

  • Casa Bariachi: Av.Vallarta 2221 - near Centro Magno - 615-0029  If you want to hear mariachis this is the place to go in the nighttime!!


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