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Recommended Restaurants in Guadalajara, Mexico



La Estancia Gaucha
Niños Heroes 2860 
Jardines del Bosque 
m-f 1 p.m. till 11:30 p.m. 
Sundays 1 - 7 p.m. 
This is the best meat and Argentian food in town - authentic! This is the #1 business restaurant in Guadalajara.

La Feria - Mexican food
Corona 291 
Tel: 613-7150 
This is a fun place downtown. They have shows at different times of the evening. Call ahead for the show times.

El Pargo del Pacifico - Seafood
Lazaro Cardenas 4150 
Tel: 121-3529 
And Av. La Paz 2140 
Tel: 615-7465 
Attractive restaurant with fresh seafood, open daily 12 – 6 pm.

I Latina
Av. Inglaterra 3128 
(behind the Expo Moda off of Vallarta) 
Wed-Sat 17:30 - midnite 
Sun 2-midnite 
If you are going to eat at Mexican time - around 10 pm it is best to make reservations earlier in the day. 
This is a funky 1970's garage sale decor - but the only place in town to get that Mediterranean flavor along with the Oriental - Thai. VERY NOISY!! but ohhhhhh so good!!

Chemary - Spanish food
Guadalupe 596 (corner of Lazaro Cardenas) 
Tel: 121-2951 
Serves traditional Spanish specialities like paella, 
Gazpacho, roast suckling pig. 
Live music at midday.

Peña Cuicacalli - for live music (just snacks available)
Av. Niños Heroes 1988 – almost right on the Monument glorieta 
Tel. 825-4690 / 3372   different types of Mexican music (not mariachi)

Villa Chianti
Jose Guadalupe Zuno 2152 
This is an old house turned restaurant in a cool part of Guadalajara - great great ambiance and food. Very expensive 
1 p.m. till midnite 
sun. 1 p.m. till 6 p.m.

Pedro Moreno 1398 
Corner with Colonias 
This is a cool little restaurant - a good place to have dinner if you want to try the updated Mexican dishes that have been famous for so many years - it has music, outdoor patio, ahhhhhh I like this place!

Las Palomas
Av. Prolongacion Americas 1491 
This old house in Providencia has become a hangout for teens in the afternoon and for business people during the 
day. Lots of beer and great fun everyday from 8 a.m.(good breakfasts) till 2 a.m.

Santo Coyote
Lerdo de Tejada 2379 
Everyone knows where Santo Coyote is - it is the "hot" place to go - used to be the old American consuls house -It has all different types of food - Ask the waiter for the best plate - I have not had very good luck with the menu!!  But more than anything a great great place to go for drinks and appetizers in the early evening - great ambiance. Not cheap -- everyday from 1 - 1 a-m

Vallarta 2425 – Centro Magno 
Tel: 616-2387 
A bit noisy but the best Cesar Chicken salad and lots of great meals to share.

Av. Mexico 2097 
Tel: 616-3513 
Great sushi and stir fry

El Libanes
Lopez Mateor Sur 550 
Tel:  121-3009 
Specialities include stuffed grape leaves & kibbe 
music and belly dancing

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