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Importance of Spanish


To study abroad is vital in the context of today's rapidly technologically advanced world. Our world is in touch with other cultures on a daily basis and because of the importance of economics; we will do business with various countries more and more. It is becoming mandatory to be able to communicate using different languages and on top of this to be able to understand different cultural cues. Cultural knowledge will go a long way toward building strong business relationships.

IMAC Spanish Language Programs is located in the historical center of Guadalajara, Mexico and has a long standing reputation as being the premier institution to study the Spanish language. It has been conducting Spanish Immersion programs for over 36 years and offers utilization of the language in practical, yet fun applications.Life on the streets of Guadalajara is explored through visits to local museums and other fascinating points of interest. “The city of roses” stands out amongst all in Mexico for being a safe, friendly, beautiful place to stay, but also for being authentic in the preservation of local culture. Guadalajara, Mexico is centrally located and therefore has uncomplicated access to other places in the country.

Mexico has become the country of choice in which to experience the Spanish immersion process. Not only is it close to its free trade partner to the North, namely the United States, but is attractive for a number of other reasons. Mexico is reasonably affordable especially in the non-touristy areas. Commenting from personal experience the language is easier to understand in Mexico because words are pronounced at a slower rate than in many other dialects. Mexicans are less isolated from other cultures and are therefore more readily communicative with foreigners.

Statistically, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world today and more importantly it has more native speakers than does English. It is the officially recognized language on four continents. Spanish often provides a gateway for learning all other Latin based languages such as French and Italian. It is the second language of choice due to the fact that, often it can be applied in the United States which has a large population of speakers of approximately 12%. Knowledge of Spanish is very useful when traveling to the European continent as well. The people from every part of Europe will likely be able to, if not converse in Spanish fluently; (which surprisingly many will) they will at least be able to understand it. The popularity of Spanish art, music and dance are also reasons why it has become so readily studied.

Structurally speaking, Spanish has many similarities not only to the Latin based languages but also to English which has undoubtedly, traces of Latin roots, because after all, the English language developed from the infusion of various European tribes. It is often quite easy to learn because many words can be derived from English vocabulary and the phonetics are on the whole not very hard to discern. Many words look as they sound.

When learning a second language it certainly is very helpful to learn within an immersive environment. Obviously the relevance of the use of language in real life situations helps to make it stay fresh in the mind of the person who is practicing it and to develop the language in not only useful but also, spontaneous applications. In this way, the process becomes more fun and personally memorable. Spanish especially is easy to learn in this fashion because the culture is naturally extraordinarily interactive.


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