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Teach English - TEFL/TESL/TESOL


International Teacher Training 
Tefl / Tesl Certification
- Guadalajara, Mexico | Boston, USA -

Study the TEFL / TESL Course and become qualified to Teach English as a Foreign / Second Language and teach EFL / ESL abroad

IMAC®, in co-operation with the International Teacher Training Organization®, invites candidates to apply for a certificate course in Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language (TEFL/TESL).

ITTO -International Teacher Training Organization- is part of a network of teacher training and language institutes dedicated to providing high quality, highly practical TEFL / TESL / TESOL certificate courses where participants develop their teaching skills through a combination of morning input sessions and afternoon teaching practices.

The course itself is offered through the use of interactive techniques and experiential activities in order to develop the long-term thinking and planning skills that will be needed by the teacher.

All modules offered, model the type of skills, qualities, attitudes and teaching techniques, which the trainees will be expected to use in the classroom.

The course is designed to be developmental and incremental and to encourage the trainees to be creative and confident in their work.

On successful completion of the course, teacher trainees will have gained the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to teach EFL effectively as well as an international qualification, which will give them a wealth of global employment opportunities to Teach English as a Foreign Language.

Our training and management teams have years of experience in language schools and training institutes around the world and welcome you to apply for this exciting, challenging and rewarding course.

We look forward to having you on one of our courses and hope to see you soon.

The Main Features of the Course Include:

  • 4 weeks, 140 hrs. of TEFL/TESL teacher training.
  • Internationally recognized certification.
  • 10-hrs minimum of fully observed, constructively critiqued and graded teaching practice with  Mexican students of English. (Teaching practices are with genuine EFL/ESL students  rather than classmates, are one trainee teacher per one hour lesson and are also fully  observed, graded and constructively critiqued by our trainers.)
  • Guided lesson preparation by our trainers.
  • Extensive teaching practice with different levels of English language students.
  • Input sessions of grammar, teaching skills, classroom management and phonetics.
  • End of course examination covering all aspects of the course.

Additional Benefits:

  • Guaranteed paid job placement in Mexico and direct employment contacts worldwide, upon successful completion of your course.
  • Lifelong Job Guidance Worldwide.
  • Accommodation Provided.
  • Point of arrival greeting and transfer to accommodation.
  • Weekend activities arranged.
  • Free Internet access (40 computers, 14 hrs a day).
  • Access to many language resources, both English and Spanish, in our extensive multi - media center.

For more information, please visit our web site: 
Teach English Abroad - www.teflcertificatecourses.com


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