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imac Spanish Language Programs
Donato Guerra No.180
(Historic Downtown Area)
Guadalajara, Jalisco. 44100 Mexico
Tel: 52 - 33 - 3613-1080
Fax: 52-33-3613-4621  
- Toll Free Numbers -
USA: 1-866-3065040
Canada: 1-877-442 0845
England: 0-800-404 9844
Australia: 0-800-0611 0136
New Zealand: 0-800-449-282
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Courses Comments

The classes are wonderful almost all conversation which is what I wanted. They are tailor fit to student preference.
Shandor Elizabeth Agust 2007, Florida, USA

Very nice school, teachers and good course.
Tilkin Wouter Agust 2007, Borgerhout, Belgium

The Imac building is one of the nicest and cleanest in Guadalajara! I had an excellent teacher she is very knowledgeable, fun and kind hearted. She also taught me a lot about culture.
Brenda Wherry Agust 2007, California, USA

My teacher was excellent and helped me learned a lot of Spanish. The school was very good in adapting to my needs.
Sheryl Ellis Agust 2007, Kirkcaldy, UK

The class is great I have a very nice teacher and refers also to our individual belongings. There are 4 students in class that’s a great size
Seidenspinner Nicole Agust 2007, Deutschland

The classes are great, lots of speaking; different methods are very effective.
Falkenberg Julia Agust 2007, Bavaria, Germany

My Spanish teacher is energetic; the tour on Wednesday was a lot of fun!
Mandy Tao Agust 2007, Ontario, Canada

In one week I had the opportunity to review verb forms, practice pronunciation, and meet new people.
Jason Ford July 2007, Wheaton IL , USA

I really enjoyed my Spanish class and my teacher is outstanding, I learned a lot in class.
Rosalyn Yankson July 2007, Houston TX , USA

The Wednesday field trips were great!
My teacher is very skilled, organized, and informative, with the perfect mixture of humor, patience, and professionalism.
Elizabeth Naidoff July 2007, San Francisco CA, USA

Much better than I could have anticipated, I hope to return.
Robert Ferrell July 2007, El Paso Texas, USA

Best Spanish program, learned a lot in just two weeks.
Chase Merritt July 2007, Morton Texas, USA

The class is very good. The teacher uses different approach to interact students.
The teacher uses games and plays in the class which is more interactive and excellent.
Monica Wong July 2007, El Paso Texas, USA

Francisco was the best teacher. He made learning here fun!
Lydia Allen July 2007, Champaign Illinois, USA

Good program, and great communication. I enjoy my experience in Guadalajara.
I learned a lot in class.
Nicole Smolich July 2007, Australia

Best Spanish ever! The class was fun with new ways to help us effectively learn Spanish. It was a friendly atmosphere throughout the whole school. We adored our teacher!
Alice Sisley July 2007, New Zealand

The classes are very engaging due to the conversational practice, varying instructional strategies and expertise of the instructor.
David Gonzales July 2007, Phoenix Arizona, USA

The classes are good. I love the excursions and how fun and educational the classes are.
Jon Gonzales July 2007, Phoenix Arizona, USA

The classes have a very formal structure, more than other schools I have gone to
Judy Gilligan July 2007, Boulder Colorado, USA

The classes are very helpful. It moves quickly by the teacher varying the activities.
Janet Solbakken July 2007, Hayward California, USA

I enjoyed the classes. Having a native speaker teach the class was very powerful. The class began and ended on time. The teacher was very prepared for class.
David Stone July 2007, Cleveland Tennessee, USA

The classes were through and very helpful. I especially enjoyed the Wednesday “Outing”. My teacher was always on time and prepared. She is an excellent teacher.
Stephanie Stone July 2007, Cleveland Tennessee, USA

I had a good time with my professor. Since I don’t have any foundation of Spanish, this class was well designed for me. Even if is only two weeks of learning at IMAC. I am able to make short sentences. Great experience!
Lichieh Lai June 2007, Los Angeles California, USA

I enjoyed the class achieves.
Kristin Jacobs June 2007, USA

Elizabeth was a great teacher, very patient and speaks very clear
Diane Strickland June 2007 Roanoke Virginia, USA

Elizabeth was a great teacher, enjoyed instruction
Art Strickland June 2007 Roanoke Virginia, USA

My teacher was excellent, The classes size were perfect
Matthew English June 2007 Winchester Massachusetts, USA

The classes are great, the book is easy to use and the teaching is amazing.
The teacher is awesome, always in time and prepared
Emily Hester June 2007 Austin Texas, USA

La maestra fue fantástica, es muy inteligente y paciente
Michael Jurkoch June 2007 Austin Texas, USA

Ambos maestros eran excelentes.
No puedo imaginar una experiencia mejor que esta.
The classes were excellent with very able instructors. Even better was the opportunity to meet and talk to Spanish speaking students and others to constantly be working on the language. A not to be missed chance to break out of my cultural prison.
There is no better teacher than the daily conversation of the homestay family. A wonderful experience.
Roger Nettleton August 2005 Kirksville Missouri, USA

My teacher is wonderful, and she adopted the lessons to what we hended.
I feel that IMAC offers a lot to their students: quality, classes with quality professors, experiences to further learning and a wonderful atmosphere with great relations between the students / faculty/ administration.
Heather Kelsey July 2005 Chicago Illinios , USA

I enjoyed the variety during the course: games, field trips, conversation, and the teachers were very helpful and understanding.
I couldn’t have wished for a better family.
It was fun to meet Mexican students during the conversation hour.
Nicole Lux June 2005 Lakewood Washington, USA

Very nice to have computer programs and internet access.
Ann Eagle – June 2005 Laurel Montana, USA

The instructors were excellent. They kept the interest level high, their techniques were above average. I felt that they had my best interest in mind and interested in my program.
Jim Bomberg June 2005 Suncity Arizona , USA

My instructor’s skills are beyond what I expected of a teacher. She daily has new activities catered to the needs of her students. I was a student of hers for 4 weeks and enjoyed going to class everyday
My host family took me in as their own from the beginning. I enjoyed every minute with my new family. The family took it upon them to take me to areas of the city and see the true beauty of Mexico.
The food at the host family was better than any restaurant.
My host mother took me every where I loved it. I saw much of the city because of her she is great.
Nadia Herig June 2005 Oceanside California, USA

Overall I was pleased with the program”; “My teacher is excellent – very dynamic with clear concise explanations”. “The host family was wonderful, kind and very helpful.
Brian Waters May 2005 Dacula Georgia, USA

My teacher was fantastic; she made a huge effort to make the class dynamic, fun and useful (for what I need)..
Kim Ballinge June 2005 Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico

My teacher is excellent. She is professional, intelligent, and competent. If I come back I hope I have her again as my teacher. I am impressed with your program overall – it is very comprehensive and well organized. Thanks for a great experience.
Vicki Cairns – June 2005 Wheaton Illinois, USA

Great program I wish I could have stayed longer.
Jason Sturgis – May 2005 Rock hill South Carolina, USA

I like the classes; I get a good mix of speaking and writing. The teacher is concerned about what I have learned and what I am having trouble with.
Brent Rodine Norman, USA

The classes are very helpful.
David Fitzmorris Huston, USA

Great. I am learning a lot. Very happy with the teachers and my fellow students. Pace is demanding but double.
Peggy Liegel New York, USA

The classes are good. I like how they are focused on conversation and discussion.
Anna Gazdowicz USA

I find the teacher to be very patient and clear.
Razo Juanita Green Valley, USA

I like the classes. They are challenging but workable.
Jade Purtell Thornbury, Australia

Ms. Ruvalcaba is very specific and provides great details.
Gary Unsworth Alberta, Canada

I enjoyed the class completely. Aaron was so completely helpful. He is a terrific teacher.
Jennifer Burrows Raleight, USA

The class has been very interesting. The teacher is great and has challenged me, in many ways.
Valerie Pesich California, USA

Very good, great size. Ability seems well chosen to match fellow classmates. The teacher seems to have created a relaxed atmosphere to encourage all without reservations that any beginner may have.
Lucy Keefe Phoenix, USA

Excellent instruction with perfect pace and clear explanation. Materials are excellent - well organized and complete. Course placement was perfect!
Louis Kint Del Mar, USA

The teacher is very friendly, helpful and gives many inputs, when I make mistakes; he corrects me and tells me why. I am glad to have him as my teacher.
Renate Huber Bueron, Zuitzerland

My class has been extremely beneficial. The instructor is very Knowledgeable and insightful.
Ginny Benson Utah, USA

Excellent, very small, intimate groups, allows for personal attention from the instructor. Sr. Navarro is an excellent teacher; I have been learning more than in my College classes
David Hutt Oregon, USA

I am really enjoying my class, which is perfect for what I need in this trip. My class is doing a high-speed review of what I have studied at home, in a way that is both solidifying and increasing my Spanish-speaking ability. No time wasted!
David Hutt – USA

I am very happy with the organization and administration of the course. IMAC and the staff were excellent representatives and took care of all our important concerns. My teacher was a thoughtful and energetic instructor. He went out of his way to set up conversation with other students, for which I'm deeply appreciative.
Patrick Sullivan Sausalito, USA

No hay muchos alumnos en mi clase. Mi maestro me enseña mucho. Estoy aprendiendo de la cultura Mexicana, es muy interesante. (There aren't many students in my class. My teacher is teaching me a lot. I'm getting to know the Mexican culture).
Mitski Koyama Osaka, Japan

Me gusta mucho mi clase, la maestra trata de comprender nuestros problemas particulares y los resuelve.
Shalom Robinett Oregon, USA

My teacher managed the class in the right way; he cares about my difficulties and my skills (being French that helps very much). I think that I got the basis for speaking in Spanish. Three weeks is a little short to speak perfectly but ok for later achievement.
Bertrand Surin France

The classes are excellent, the best learning experience I have had yet in Spanish. My conversation skills have improved and I found that we spent adequate time with conversation in class. My family was very nice and I liked them a lot.
Patrick Michel Chicago Illinois, USA

I have enjoyed my studies here at IMAC very much and I'm planning to return next year.
John Anderson Marianna Philadelphia, USA

In general I'm very satisfied with IMAC. I have learned a lot of Spanish (even Spanish you can't find in any dictionaries) and have had a lot of fun. The instructor has shown a lot of patience waiting for me to complete my sentences but he has always waited and let me speak out before correcting my mistakes.
Lars Hellquist Oslo, Norway

El curso fue muy bueno, muy intensivo pero divertido también. Me gusta en todos los aspectos: la ciudad, los profesores, la escuela, el curso, las mujeres, etc... (The course was very good, very intensive but fun as well. I like all the aspects: the city, the professors, the school, the course, the women, etc...).
Stephen Quirk Boston Massachusetts, USA

It's been a perfect mix of learning with the book and practice in talking hours. I liked it a lot. My teacher did a wonderful and great job, keep him! My family was excellent and a good choice.
Matthias Schmidt Switzerland

I enjoyed my time here very much. The staff at IMAC was extremely helpful and the instructor was one of the best I've had. I'd love to come back sometime and for longer than a week! Thanks for everything.
Cindy Marjamaa Seattle Washintong, USA

They are very good. I am learning a lot of Spanish and having fun.
Brad Copas USA

IMAC provides a very good environment and the necessary services to learn a language. This has been a good experience for me. Not only as an academic effort, but also as a cultural experience of great richness and variety. Thank you,
D. Zaman Oakville, USA

My classes and my teacher are above expectations.
Roger Mainville USA

Law Enforcement. The class is going very well. The teacher is very patient
Richard Courtney USA

I am enjoying the classes very much. I am glad it is totally in Spanish.
Jennifer Yowell California, USA

Very good - small class size, very eloquent instructor, very good background and language.
Gery Bolden Oregon, USA

Everyone at IMAC treated me with great courtesy and respect. I felt very comfortable in the setting as my Spanish skills increased.
Fran Feeley Chicago Illinois, USA

Están muy bien. La profesora me enseña cortésmente.
Rie Takahashi Japan

The classes are very good as they are very informative. I like the small number of people in our class as we all get a turn to speak and answer questions.
Tania Ghosh London, U.K.

This was a wonderful experience that will help me immensely with my business. I gained a sound understanding of the Spanish language and an appreciation for the wonderful culture.
Rick Williams Walla Walla Washintong, USA

I'm enjoying and learning to speak Spanish in my class. The conversation during the class has definitely helped me understand conversations outside of the class. I believe I can and I'm learning to speak Spanish with the help of my teacher and IMAC.
Michael Johnson Agoura California, USA

The class is very focused and does not move too slowly or too fast, so that all questions can be answered without getting bored!!!
Belinda Graham Surrey, U.K.

Private class is well structured. The teacher has objectives which he sets out for me to achieve. Objectives are reasonable yet flexible enough to have all questions answered.
Diane Enos Arizona, USA

Mi clase es muy buena yo pienso que la profesora es muy competente, yo estoy muy contenta.
Gabriele Cacioli Italy

I have accomplished what I set out to do here - improve all facets of my Spanish. Micah Maidenberg USA

Los profesores y la atencion personal en las clases pequeñas de IMAC me ayudo mejorar mi español inmensamente. ¡Gracias!
Harlan Seymour USA

Excellent program! I learned a lot of Spanish and enjoyed my classes.
Brad Copas USA

La escuela ha llenado todas mis expectativas y mucho más. Ahora tengo confianza en hablar español en cualquier actividad cotidiana. (The school has fulfilled all may expectations and much more. Now I have the confidence to speak Spanish in any everyday activity).
Barry Lippman Kingston New York, USA

As an advanced student, I had a very beneficial time at IMAC. The teacher was very smart, very intellectual and was able to accommodate to the fact that I was proficient in some of the planned areas of curriculum.
Garth Thaylor USA

It is a well organized program. The language computer lab is great as well as the small class size.
Stephanie Norling California, USA

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