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Guadalajara, Jalisco. 44100 Mexico
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- Toll Free Numbers -
USA: 1-866-3065040
Canada: 1-877-442 0845
England: 0-800-404 9844
Australia: 0-800-0611 0136
New Zealand: 0-800-449-282
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Spanish for Specific Purposes

With fluency as a foundation, our programs have been expanded to include courses for those that are interested in working on specific specialty areas of the Spanish language. Currently, we are offering the following Spanish immersion programs on an individual tutoring or private group instruction basis:

Survival Spanish - NEW !

The purpose of this course is to teach learners how to get along in the Spanish speaking world. Communicative tools which are likely to be present in different situations are taught in order for learners to become successful as they need to interact in a wide range of everyday contexts.

Spanish for the Hotel / Restaurant management - NEW!

The purpose of this course is to prepare hotel and restaurant management staffers to work with spanish speaking personnel ranging from upper management to back of the house staff by spontaneously creating real life hospitality experiences.

Spanish for Travelers - NEW!

The aim of this course is to familiarize you with spoken Spanish in typical travel situations. It will teach you the language easily and also give you cultural information.

Communicative Grammar - NEW!

Spanish courses for beginners' levels. This course has been designed to have plenty of interaction with the basic rules of Spanish and idioms in order to achieve mastery of the language. In addition, the course also focuses attention on linguistic differences between Spanish and English.

Spanish for the Clergy - NEW!

This course has been designed to help members of the clergy, family counselors, and welfare workers who have a beginning level of Spanish, better their conversational skills through an informal and practical approach. Enough practice of the language is included in order to help learners interact with Spanish speaking community members.

Spanish for Business and Finance

Our Spanish for Business and Finance Course introduces our learners to realistic situations and the specialized vocabulary that business and finance professionals need to communicate with Hispanic members of the community in the course of their daily work. Personalized questions, grammar exercises, role-plays, realia-based activities, and translation and interpretation tasks provide students with numerous opportunities to apply their newly acquired knowledge in a wide variety of practical context, the course content includes, one preliminary lesson, twenty regular lessons, and four review sections. The complete course is covered in a total of 60 contact hours, which is the equivalent to 3 weeks in our private tutoring intensive language program.
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El español en el mundo de los negocios

Because of the growing importance of Spanish in the busiess world, the demand for practical commercial Spanish courses is growing. Yet, to date, there have been very few courses designed to meet this need. This program fulfills the requirements of bilingual commercial courses by focusing on 12 major business fields and presenting technical vocabulary, dialogues and models of business letters, as well as samples of commercial papers (such as credit and shipping documents) necessary to function in these fields.

Spanish for Medical Personnel

This course presents realistic situations and the specialized vocabulary that health-care professionals need to communicate with Hispanic patients in the course of their daily work. Language development is accomplished through a wide variety of opportunities to apply new vocabulary and grammatical structures in many practical contexts. A preliminary presentation of the Spanish vocabulary for human anatomy is included. All of the skill areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are emphasized.
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Spanish for Social Services

This course is designed to meet the vocabulary and communication requirements of those working in the field of social services as they deal with the Hispanic community on a daily basis. Language development is accomplished through a wide variety of opportunities to apply new vocabulary and grammatical structures in many practical contexts Special attention is given to the every day problems confronted by those working in the Department of Social Services. All of the skill areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are emphasized.

Spanish for Teachers:

This course focuses on the special needs and situations confronted by teachers when dealing with Hispanic students in their classrooms and their parents. Language development is accomplished through a wide variety of opportunities to apply new vocabulary and grammatical structures in many practical contexts. Vocabulary and grammatical structures unique to teachers is developed through a very communicative approach. All of the skill areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are emphasized.
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Special courses for Teachers and school personnel:

Reporting to parents in English and Spanish: This course was designed to assist teachers who need to communicate with the Spanish speaking members of the school community regarding student progress. It is intended, for the use of staff members who do not have the services of a translator. Through use of vocabulary lists, sentence patterns can easily be transformed to build sentences appropriate for specific situations.

School letters in English and Spanish: The course of English and Spanish School Letters provides teachers and schools with letters and forms that both give and request information that needs to be communicated between the school and the parents during the school year.
These letters and forms can easily be adapted through word and sentence substitutions in order to fit differing situations and to meet specific needs of a particular teacher, school, or district.

School Office Spanish: This course was designed to assist principals and school office personnel with the words and phrases needed for successful communication with Spanish-speaking parents and students. You will be able to communicate confidently in areas covering discipline, school policy, positive reinforcement, and many other topics. School office staff members will find the vocabulary and situations they need to assist parents in registering students and responding to questions regarding the various aspects of the school program.

School Terminology Course: The School Terminology course provides school personnel with words and phrases for all aspects of the educational system the course is organized into categories and will be helpful to individuals needing an array of terminology related to a particular situation. Students may choose those topics most relevant to their specific needs.

Spanish for the school nurse’s office: The course was designed to assist the professionally trained school nurse and other school personnel in providing assistance to students with medical problems needing to be addressed in the school setting. It is also the aim of the course to help improve communication between the school and the parent in regard to the health and safety of students

.Spanish for Educators - NEW!: This course relates basic grammar knowledge to conversational Spanish. It is designed for educators who want to develop their ability to comprehend and make themselves understood in normal idiomatic Spanish. This course helps learners to converse in Spanish when dealing with issues that go from health care to extracurricular activities.

Beginning Spanish for Teachers of Hispanic Students - NEW!: This course has been designed for teachers who need to have knowledge of Spanish as a second language in order for them to communicate with students whose English is not fluent. This course helps you with matters such as: greeting a child, giving directions for classroom activities and more.

Spanish for Law Enforcement

As most major cities face the demand for larger numbers of police officers, fire fighters, parole officers, and social workers that are fluent in the Spanish language, we have designed a course that specifically targets their very unique language needs. Studies have shown that crime and violence significantly decrease as the level of communication increases in a community.
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Spanish for Household Management

With more women pursuing careers, many households are faced with the dilemma of looking for quality domestic help to assist them with household duties. Often, those individuals that are most qualified to help out with children and housework speak Spanish as their first language. Our Spanish language institute has prepared a course that will specifically address the communication needs confronted by families in these circumstances.


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