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imac Spanish Language Programs
Donato Guerra No.180
(Historic Downtown Area)
Guadalajara, Jalisco. 44100 Mexico
Tel: 52 - 33 - 3613-1080
Fax: 52-33-3613-4621  
- Toll Free Numbers -
USA: 1-866-3065040
Canada: 1-877-442 0845
England: 0-800-404 9844
Australia: 0-800-0611 0136
New Zealand: 0-800-449-282
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Free Conversation Group Comments

I think that a great profit of the program is that there are many Mexicans around the school to talk with. I have been in other programs that only had students that studied Spanish.
Edward Priest – July 2007 Massachusetts, USA

>The conversational interchange program was very fun and good way to get to know other students and make friends.
Andrea Vicente July 2007 Lansing Minnesota, USA

>I enjoyed the Cultural conversational interchange program; it was hard, but challenging in a good way.
Lydia Allen June 2007 Champaign Illinois, USA

>Wednesday field trips are excellent and a great way to practice Spanish.
I cant imagine a nicer family in Mexico. They definitely exceeded my expectations.
Everyone in the conversation class was very welcoming. Even though I was a beginner I felt so comfortable.
I had a great time here in Guadalajara. I’m so glad I opted for the homestay I really felt like it helped me learn so much more about Mexican culture.
Jennifer Barrtigen – July 2005 Chicago Illinois, USA

The instructor did a wonderful job and was professional in all aspects of the class. Would feel privileged to study Spanish with her again.
Enjoyed visiting Chapala and the information that was provided.
The staff was helpful and patient in addressing the many questions we had. They are an asset to IMAC.
Our time here in Guadalajara has been positive as well as productive. Everyone involved in IMAC made a genuine effort to assist us in learning Spanish. Thank you for the experience.
Brent Rodine – Norman, USA

The conversation classes were very helpful”; “the family was great. I actually felt like a member.
Evan Wyss – May 2005 Tierra Verde Florida, USA

I like the conversation classes. It is good to interact with local people!
Joseph Villegas – June 2005 Grand Prairie Texas, USA

I am understanding more when spoken to, now I feel I can hear words, and recognizing those I didn't understand.
Derek Young – Chicago, USA

We have ample practice of conversation in the class about grammatical topics, experiences, observations etc..,
Pickett Porterfield – New Braunsfel, USA

Conversation in class and with the host family has been extremely helpful.
Jaclyn Kuwada – San  Francisco, USA

Conversation classes are a lot of fun. It is a good way to meet people, and practice your Spanish.
Adlai Mast – USA

The teacher is very friendly, helpful and gives many inputs, when I make mistakes; he corrects me and tells me why. I am glad to have him as my teacher.
Renate Huber – Bueron, Swiss

Conversation is good. We discuss many aspects of things relevant to the Spanish language and also discuss current events.
Greg Norman – Texas, USA

Excellent opportunity to improve in conversation. Conversation classes are very helpful in learning to speak and understand the spoken language better.

David Hutt – Oregon, USA

The conversations are very helpful in listening and speaking Spanish.
Catherine Mandler – Sacramento, USA

I had a lot of fun and improved my Spanish considerably during my one week of study at IMAC. In addition to solid review of grammatical structures with a great teacher. I had the chance to improve my speaking ability in conversations about México that also helped my cultural understanding. My homestay experience was both educational and a lot of fun. I leave with many pleasant memories.
Frank Woodward – Oakland, USA

Lots of good conversation involving all in the class.
Paul Freese – Riverside, USA

I enjoyed all my experiences here in Mexico. I like the classes, especially the concentration on conversation. My biggest problem was my hesitation in speaking. After spending two weeks working on conversation. I feel much more confident speaking. I am looking forward to working on grammar now.
The homestay has been fine. The family has been very helpful and conversation with them has helped to build my vocabulary and work on pronunciation.
Carole Wilson – Durham North Carolina, USA

Excellent practice. I feel that I have learned a lot in 2 days & am more confident speaking.
Selwyn Silberman – Toronto, Canada

Muy interesante, es muy productivo estudiar la lengua en todos los caracteres.
Gabriele Cacioli – Italy

What I liked about IMAC was that it allowed me to practice speaking Spanish. I especially liked the interchange with English students. The film on the political changes within Mexico was very interesting.
Practicing is the most important part. This is strongly yet kindly encouraged.
Paul Griesgraber – Seminarist

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