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There is perhaps no greater need for bilingual Spanish/English speakers than in the area of education. In the United States, in addition to the areas such as Los Angeles, New York and Miami where there is traditionally a need for Spanish-speaking teachers, there are now Spanish-speaking populations growing at an exponential rate throughout the U.S., and especially in the Southeast in places such as North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia - areas that historically have not had a need for Spanish-speaking teachers and are now scrambling to catch up with the changing face of their student population. Of the growing overall Spanish-speaking population in the U.S., the results are even more dramatic in the make-up of the student-age population.

As a result of the growth in Spanish-speaking students all over the U.S., there is a huge demand for bilingual teachers to help to teach these students English and to properly incorporate them into the U.S. mainstream. Being bilingual as a teacher makes you more valuable to your school, and makes you more valuable when you are looking for a job. In cases where two teachers are equally qualified, schools will choose the one that is bilingual. Many schools across the country are specifically seeking out teachers who can speak Spanish - making bilingual English/Spanish teachers a hot commodity in a very competitive workplace.

In addition to teaching opportunities domestically in the U.S., there are countless opportunities for teachers abroad throughout Mexico and Latin America, South America, and in Spain. These opportunities allow bilingual teachers to expand the horizons of their job search not only across the U.S., but also across much of the world. Teaching abroad is a great opportunity to experience another land and culture, while getting paid to be there.

Our course, Spanish for Teachers, focuses on the special needs and situations confronted by teachers when dealing with Spanish-speaking students and Spanish-speaking parents of students. Language development is accomplished through a wide variety of exercises that apply new vocabulary in many practical contexts. Vocabulary and grammatical structures unique to teachers are developed through a very communicative approach. All of the skill areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are emphasized.

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