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We invite you to discover our brand NEW course; “Spanish Online”, that is right, now you may continue to enhance your abilities in the Spanish language from the comfort of your own home, at work; during your break, on vacation, everywhere and anywhere you can get online and best of all, at your own pace without joining a group!

With our Spanish Online course you will learn to express yourself in Spanish in a variety of situations, and study all aspects of the Spanish language: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, culture, and the richness and diversity of the Spanish speaking world.

Our courses are the most comprehensive online Spanish courses, with the guarantee of the Cervantes Institute.

IMAC Spanish Language Program’s Spanish Online course combines state of the art technology with the latest language teaching methods, making it easy to learn in a fun and effective way.

Each Spanish Online course is designed to be taken in approximately 30 hours of dedicated work in a maximum of 3 months.

Courses Available

Our Spanish Online Course covers the four levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior.

The levels are sub-divided into four courses. Each course has 3 big topics, plus supplementary activities, three tests, a final task and an Interactive Graphic Adventure, to help you reinforce your communication skills.

To help you better choose your right level of Spanish look at course contents here.

  • Beginning 1 (A1.1) - Beginning 2 (A1.2) - Beginning 3 (A2.1) - Beginning 4 (A2.2)
  • Intermediate 1 (B1.1) - Intermediate 2 (B1.2) - Intermediate 3 - (B1.3) - Intermediate 4 (B1.4)
  • Advanced 1 (B2.1) - Advanced 2 (B2.2) - Advanced 3 (B2.3) - Advanced 4 (B2.4)
  • Superior 1 (C1.1) - Superior 2 (C1.2) - Superior 3 (C1.3) - Superior 4 (C1.4)


$110.00 USD per course.

How to register

Please contact us at or by phone. Upon registering we will send your username and password in no more than 72 hours.

Certificates: You will receive one after successfully finishing any of our Spanish Online Courses.

DELE Preparation courses
We also have available online DELE preparation courses for levels B1 and B2. Each course lasts approximately 15 to 20 hours of dedicated work at a cost of $110.00 USD per course.

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