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Spanish Summer Program for Teens


Guadalajara, Mexico Summer Camp

  • Ages: 13 to 17 years old
  • 1-2 Week Group Program
  • All International students welcome

2014 Starting Dates:

  • June 23rd
  • July 7th


Guadalajara ¨The City of Roses¨ or ¨The Pearl of the West¨as the locals call it, was founded by the Spanish in the year 1542 and is now second only to Mexico City in population, production, and commerce. However, it is second to none in charm, beauty, and the warmth of its people. Guadalajara´s innumerable colonial buildings, museums, theaters, churches, and parks all contribute to making the city truly rich in history and culture. Your Teen will enjoy one of the most temperate climates in the world; the year round temperature is about 75 degrees. All of this and much more have made Guadalajara the center of culture and comfort in western Mexico. Most of all, the perfect city for a Spanish Summer Program!

Spanish language learning here in Guadalajara, Mexico, is an opportunity to be involved in intensive Spanish instruction. In addition, the city of Guadalajara is known throughout the entire country of Mexico as one of the most traditional of Mexican cities. Afterall, it is the birth-place of Mariachi and Tequila. Mariachi music, played by a traditional Mexican orchestra, originated right here in a little town very close to Guadalajara. Tequila, the world-famous Mexican beverage, originated and is produced all throughout this region of the state of Jalisco. The culture and architecture of Mexico abounds in this city that is almost 5 centuries old. The cathedral is the most prominent example of an innumerable amount of colonial architecture. It exemplifies the timelessness of the culture of colonial Mexico.

    IMAC Spanish Language Program for Teens consists of 25 hours of Spanish classes per week. Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM with a Cultural Conversation Class from 1 PM to 2 PM.
    Our students will take advantage of our tours and excursions to places like:

  • Tour of soccer stadium Omnilife
  • City tour: Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque.
  • Tonala's Open Air Market
  • Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest lake
  • Airport pick up and drop off.
  • Social and Cultural activities at IMAC Spanish Language Programs.
  • 24/7 personal support and emergency number.
  • Medical Assistance 24/7: Free medical consultation at clinic. Free phone consultation.
  • Free long distance phone calls back home, from our school.
  • Certificate of participation.

    Our students will stay with one of our traditional Mexican host families. This will assure your teen a full immersion in the use of Spanish, while being at home not only will your teen embrace the culture but she/he will try authentic Mexican food. Your teen will receive 3 daily meals. We can place from 1 to 3 teens with the same host family upon request.

Spanish Summer Program for Teens Fees:

1 week Tuition, enrollment, 2 tours, homestay, airport pick up and drop off USD $547.00
2 weeks Tuition, enrollment, 4 tours, homestay, airport pick up and drop off USD $905.00

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In case you have any questions do not hesitate to call us: +52-33-3614-1414 Extension: 111.


Worldwide: +52-33-3614-1414
USA: 1-866-306 5040
United Kingdom: 0-800-404 9844
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Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM CST Saturday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST

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