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Career counseling, helping children who are having problems learning and are falling behind would be the important duties learned in academic reinforcement. Be supported by teaching staff and show ability to work closely with students who need that extra help. One can apply for the area of academics that one is most interested in. Present the children with many alternatives to reinforce better results. Give the children the opportunity to discover new strategies for themselves. Reinforce habits based upon the individual’s learning style. Be creative and use many theories and be able see the results of these. Learn how to apply knowledge. Record facts and findings in an organized fashion. Derive satisfaction from being able to work as part of a team. Monitor successes and failures in a precise manner. Find ways to bring out strengths in the children by captivating them with activities that they enjoy. Unleash the creative character within, be sensitive, goal oriented, conclusive, demonstrative and thorough. Develop the ability to assign tasks for the children and provide constructive feedback. The individual has the ability to follow up with every student and teacher in a detailed way. Predict outcomes of strategies. Be supportive of the child in an individualistic way. The person needs to demonstrate a specialized knowledge of the subject they choose. The end of the program shows tangible results and the volunteer feels rewarded. Become better able to construct projects of academic reinforcement for the future. The students become rewarded and more confident. The relationship between the individual and the student may end but the skills obtained from working together boost both parties for future education.

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