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Disability Issues


Contribute in a way to give support to those who can not support themselves. Disabilities can range from person to person and from both physical to mental. This would be very good exposure for the individual who can think fast, both listen and receive information in an open; positive way. One shows not only compassion for the disabled, but also shows them how to enable themselves in many different ways. Lead the disabled by teaching them how to develop life skills to make them more competent and independent. This placement allows one to work with a whole spectrum of disorders and age groups. Be resourceful in answering questions and providing care that focuses on the disabled person’s strengths. Role of facilitator is established for groups of disabled people so that they can share experiences and not feel isolated from society. Ways are created for the disabled to integrate and gain a sense of belonging. Doors open wider for the problem solver who can evaluate the needs of the individual and set up a plan of action for the disabled to put into practice developmental strategies. Educate care givers and family members in order for them to be able to be part of the support team. Set up counseling sessions to help the person deal with the stresses of daily living.Model actions so that the disabled person is enlightened to all positive aspects of their situation. Help to demonstrate will power and provide alternatives. Through example, set realistic goals for the person and monitor successes. Participate by being a confidant, a goal setter, a life coach, an influential sponsor, and impart knowledge. The person gains respect and control to accomplish tasks that he or she has never done before. Both the individual and the disabled person become confident after many achievements. A sense of hope, trust and capability may prevail for both.

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