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Environmental Preservation


This unique placement may be for those who are interested in the sciences or just for those who are interested in volunteering to help build more green spaces.It may entail working with environmental engineers or to plant trees. Many of Mexico's ecosystems have been under protection but there are still areas to be covered especially in the bigger cities. One may be provided with applied knowledge and a professional exchange with those who work in the field. There exists a lot of this type of work as a career so this would be an excellent starting point or vehicle to make a contribution. Test different sites for levels of toxicants. The preservationist is one who can clearly define what is to be accomplished in the present that would be most beneficial for the future. This is a person with a vision, well planned and executed. Mental as well as physical fortitude is built upon. This role makes a person very active in problem solving and capable of dealing with different facets involved in team work. The preservationist wants to contribute and goes further by giving suggestions as to how something can be made better. What happens in the process is that one becomes closely tied with the community and is a source of comfort for all who are the inhabitants of that community.One sees his or her vision come to life.

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