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Everything depends on the preservation of our health. Give medicine to children, and adults who are not able to afford it. Set up outdoor clinics for people who don’t have shelter. If you can imagine yourself providing the relief to those who really need help, then this is a wonderful opportunity. Imagine having the choice of being able to work in areas in Mexico that are not easily accessible, impoverished or without basic health coverage. Lead by example in a hands-on placement to demonstrate an intrinsic understanding of what a patient needs. Handle crises in a calm and reassuring manner. Bestow competence, responsibility, flexibility, relate well with others, and problem solve efficiently. The individual in this situation is someone who can be counted on. Be brave enough to be exposed to any number of unpleasant situations. Show dedication and certainly be admired and rewarded for that dedication. Gain support within the community.Members of the medical team become close and share knowledge with the individual. The patients and their families show their gratitude toward the work being done. The individual leaves the placement feeling rewarded, encouraged and confident to be able to handle any other types of medical situations. One gains confidence, competence and invaluable experience.

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