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Here is a great need for support of the unfortunate children in Mexican society. This is for a person who is capable of an openness of spirit. Focus is on giving help to children who are the most vulnerable and susceptible to the underground, ugly life on the streets. Train to deal with crises of all sorts and be able to make an impression on the hearts of young children through your own enthusiasm. Abandoned street children are a widespread problem in Mexico. There are established programs in place that provide on-going support for these children who often turn to a life of drugs and prostitution. There exist charitable programs which facilitate unique rehabilitative processes that have been met with great success. Be part of the success! Tangible results would be seen. Changes will be readily identifiable. Prepare to be a member of the first point of contact for these children.Show them for the first time in their lives that there are people in this world who care about their development and welfare. Responsibility becomes obvious as one distributes nutritional food, guides them to shelter and after watches them grow. Act as parent and guide by demonstrating trust, encouragement and strength. Make them aware of your reliability. Counsel the children by encouraging them to believe they are worthy individuals thus, enabling them to stop the cycle of abuse. Develop strategies for the children so that they will understand how to provide basic needs for themselves. The individual will become mentor, guide, and spiritual support. Boost the child’s capabilities. Be patient, strong, responsible, flexible, receptive, sensitive and understanding. Through demonstration help the child use will power, and show them how to set goals for the future. Disciplinary measures are used as guidelines to prevent the children from failure. Encourage responsible action for them. Be firm yet find the balance to show the children that mistakes are a human quality. The results of these interactions will make an impression on both the child and the individual; guaranteed to be looked back upon for a long time.

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