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The world is demanding more services to be provided to those who are not able to provide for themselves. Public awareness of disabilities both mental and physical are not being addressed enough. There are so many people who need public support and are in need through no fault of their own. This opportunity is for the individual who is forward thinking and open to being exposed to some of the harsh realities that a lot of our fellow humans face day to day.This may be a placement for an active person who is willing to open up their heart and give. Many areas of expertise are available in the social services field. Act as an on the street watch team member, a shelter assistant, an assistant to psychological counselors, an assistant to rehabilitation specialists and the possibilities are endless. Become more capable through this opportunity to learn; facing any number of crises moment by moment. Placement may be guided by those who are experts in the field and would involve helping drug addicts or perhaps alcoholics. Act with the ability to react quickly in times of traumatic circumstances. Show strength, assurance, reliability, positivism, empathy, focus, consideration, openness, kindness and be generous in spirit. Be closely tied with the group of social workers in the field. A cultural exchange will take place quite naturally in this type of open environment. One will be recognized and will be able to learn from the group of workers in an honest and trustworthy way. Take home a wealth of experience and the confidence that you have provided a service that will be appreciated long after the placement is finished. Mexico has several social service organizations. There are some unique, dynamic programs which are designed to get children off the streets of Mexico. One would be able to help in any facet of the rewarding rehabilitative process. There exists such program whereby growth may be evident quickly, as children tend to be easily adaptable to intervention. Results are their own reward.

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