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If you are willing to work in the field and are keen on the sensitivities of unfortunate children, women, seniors, people with mental or physical disabilities then a volunteer placement in the field of social work is awaiting your response. Learn through experience and actively listen. Mexicans value the family unit above all else and the social worker would be working with the families and perhaps even extended family. Many of the marginalized youth of the society may also be addressed through specialized programs to help give guidance. If you want to gain an understanding in this field and have an overall knowledge please sign up we would be willing to place you in your area of interest with open-minded, willing to train experts in the field. The social work assistant demonstrates patience, confidentiality, strength, and a non-judgmental approach to listening. One is capable of giving advice in a constructive, firm, yet open-hearted way. Be trained to keep the work only in the work place and do not internalize the stresses of the job. Possess qualities of impartiality, steadfastness, integrity, and high principles. Be active in the community that is served and also be willing to give a lot of support to fellow workers. There are many established programs which are set up to foster care for children who are working on the streets. Abandoned minors who are working as thieves or prostitutes are one of the biggest social problems in Mexico today. Rehabilitative programs are widely acclaimed because they reach the problem at an early stage when hope for a resolution is likely. Placements can be arranged with such organizations or other areas of interest.

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