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With Mexico's close proximity to English speaking USA there are many volunteer opportunities to teach English. Our service would be able to link you to the area of Mexico that you would like to gain the practice. You may want to work in the smaller areas of the country and we may be able to accommodate. English isn’t the only teaching opportunity to be provided. If you would like to teach science, mathematics, literature, art, music, history, social science, drama or other areas of interest please submit your application and we will find one that would be suitable for you!Be creative enough to develop teaching strategies that will captivate students and keep them interested. Use your will as leader and guide. Be creative enough to be able to work with very limited supplies. This is a favorable situation for being instrumental to giving students much needed exposure to new concepts. Resourcefulness is a must for one must be able to give the teacher in charge constant and constructive feedback. The teacher and the volunteer develop an environment of assurance and trust for the students. Different styles of curriculum become an intrinsic part of the experience for learning how to best develop lesson plans for a wide range of learning styles. Be comfortable with public speaking and develop all important organizational skills. Students appreciate the rapport. The volunteer, therefore, learns many lessons which can translate into any field of work.

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