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Violence Against Women Relief


Make a significant contribution by working for a charity supported shelter that can help provide relief for women who are escaping domestic violence. The volunteer may help with providing support in the form of counseling, child care, food and shelter for women who have no other place to go to. Innovate programs to enable these women to provide financially for their family. One may provide child care services while the woman seeks employment and involve you in rallying support from the community to get clothing and permanent homes for these women. The individual may support work education programs to help these women focus on building a career. Provide help with legal counsel and also mental health support for the after math of abuse. Help set up group programs to allow others in the same situation help each other deal with daily stresses. Comfort the woman; also to be open in this type of emergency and highly emotional situation. Results are seen quickly as the woman shows gratitude toward the volunteer. The greatest results are shown as the woman gains inner strength and shows that she is capable of handling this ever stressful heart breaking life situation.

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