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Youth Outreach Programs


This a program designed specifically to counsel and redirect disenfranchised youth.The volunteer would be helping to design lifestyle changes, and give educational options to young Mexicans who were never given the chance to be mentored. These programs are innovative and exciting in their implementation. One is given the chance to offer a future filled with hope and accomplishment for young unfortunate individuals. Be especially enthusiastic, motivational, responsible, confident, patient and full of vital energy. Be able to adjust and assess for the special needs of individuals and show you care. Be firm in the way that vulnerability is not shown to enable the youth to show trust and be assured. Innovative ways are found to motivate these young people to make some positive changes. Demonstrate options for the youth so they may be educated in non-restrictive settings. Implement programs which will offer real, as well as, practical life-affirming habits. One example of this would be a work experience program where employers would be offered the services of the youth for entry level types of positions. One leaves the program assured that head ways have been made and that problems will not persist for them. The individual has been part of the solution and will be remembered for making strides well into the future of these young lives.

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