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Cultural Activities

There is much to see and do in and around Oaxaca; the choices can be absolutely irresistible! In addition to cultural activities, Oaxaca also offers an unusual range of experiences and exciting ecological adventures that any adrenaline addict should not miss!

Free cultural activities take place on various days of the week to help you continue practicing the language and learn more about Oaxaca’s traditions. Take a look!

Mondays at 11:40 A.M. – Welcome orientation meeting (for new students only)

Tuesdays at 2 P.M. – Mexican cooking lessons
Learn about traditional food in Mexico and Oaxaca, its ingredients and preparation; and of course, it's delicious taste!

Wednesdays at 9 P.M. – Cafe Social
Students and teachers get together for a drink or cup of coffee in a nearby bar or restaurant. Students must simply pay what they consume.

Thursdays at 3:30 P.M. – Movies in Spanish

Fridays at 4 P.M. – Salsa lessons

Intercambio Club – Practice your Spanish with native Spanish speakers!
On any day you like, we can arrange language exchange with a local where you will speak 30 minutes in English and 30 minutes in Spanish.

Cultural Programs

Take advantage of cultural events while learning Spanish! We organize special activities related to each festivity, so make sure to book your program correspondingly to the activity of your interest.

Please ask us about specific activities taking place during these events.

  • Three King’s Day: January 06th
  • Día de la Candelaria (Tamales Day): February 02nd
  • Día de la Samaritana (Good Samaritan Day): March 12th
  • Benito Juarez Tour: March 21st (additional cost)
  • May Cooking Package: May 10th to May 17th (additional cost)
  • May Oaxaca Typical Art Package (Crafts and Pottery): May 10th to May 17th (additional cost)
  • Guelaguetza: July 25th to July 29th (additional cost)
  • Mexican film week and Independence Day Celebration: September 12th to September 16th
  • October Cooking Package: October 04th to October 11th (additional cost)
  • October Oaxaca Typical Art Package (Crafts and Pottery): October 04th to October 11th (additional cost)
  • Day of the Dead: October 31st to November 04th (additional cost)
  • Christmas Package (1 and 2 weeks): December 19th to December 30th


For students interested in volunteering during their time in Oaxaca, we can assist in arranging volunteer work with several organizations. All of these organizations have been previously screened and visited by the program coordinators and are recommended.

Volunteer work is not remunerated, and there is no additional cost for placement. Students must take at least a week of Spanish immersion classes in order to be eligible for volunteer placement, and while most will not require volunteers to have a specific knowledge of the language in particular, some organizations will prefer an advanced level of Spanish.

Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna – This children shelter constantly needs experienced volunteers to help with tasks related to education, after school homework programs, toddler development and child care in general, cooking, gardening, and other disciplines as well.

CRIT – Rehabilitation center for handicapped children of Oaxaca and neighboring states. They often need volunteers in the areas of accompaniment, support and service, arts and culture, sport and recreation.

Patronato Pro-Casa: Patronato Pro Casa in Oaxaca is a small shelter for abandoned or mistreated boys generally between the ages of 5 and 16. Volunteers can help with art classes, physical education classes and homework. They can organize games and activities, and even help out preparing meals for the children.

Centro de Esperanza Infantil / Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots: Volunteers can play with the children, help with homework and reading (school-aged children), assist with any projects in the organization that may not involve direct contact with the children such as administrative work and help in the kitchen, help with classes for the younger children, organize games and activities with the children, provide care, love and attention to the children.

Casa de la Cultura Oaxaqueña (Oaxaca’s Cultural Centre): They require volunteers who can assist in teaching art, music, crafts, etc.

Cruz Roja in Mexico: The Red Cross is happy to receive volunteers of any kind willing to work and help both in medical functions as well as administrative functions, but naturally, they especially appreciate volunteers with a medical background or studies in order to have more direct contact in the hospital. Volunteers must use a white lab coat at all times while in the Red Cross. Those who wish to shadow doctors or help in medical areas must have an advanced Spanish level.

Gran Via Travel: This project is an excellent opportunity for students of tourism fields as they will get practical experience in the area as well as use more Spanish. Volunteers will help with any and all administrative tasks. Of course, the more Spanish background a volunteer has, the more he/she will be able to assist in the office.

Newspaper “El Imparcial”: El Imparcial allows its volunteers to be involved in many aspects of news production. They take on volunteers in all areas—writing, editing, promotion, fundraising, photography and illustration. Several of our volunteers have written and published articles with the newspapers, but it is necessary that all volunteers have an advanced level of Spanish.

Hotel Las Mariposas: Hotel Las Mariposas is located in the heart of the center of Oaxaca, so the volunteers can walk from their accommodations to work. Volunteers will be able to help in administrative tasks, marketing, help in translating, provide information to guests and assist with any projects or tours that the hotel may have that may or may not involve direct contact with the guests. The more Spanish volunteers speak greatly increases their participation in the work as the vast majority of their clients are Spanish speaking.

divertigranja: divertigranja is a farm/petting zoo for children that puts a special emphasis on helping children with handicaps and teaching others to be aware and sensitive of people with handicaps. Volunteers can help with the animals, with building, daily chores, tours, classes, etc. It is an active work that is usually outdoors, and they need many volunteers and lots of helping hands.

Tours and Excursions

We organize full day or full weekend excursions to various places of cultural and historical interest in and around Oaxaca. These activities have an additional cost.

Full Day Excursions

Monte Alban – Monte Alban is the most important of the Meso-American archaeological zones, founded by the Zapotec around the year 250 AD, on a mountain that was almost scraped to build a large square and pyramid-shaped building. Recent archaeological discoveries show that this city, besides being a religious and political center, served as a kind of medical school. There is a museum on the grounds providing a detailed look into the Zapotecan culture.

Visit to El Tule tree – Considered to be the widest tree in the world, this tree is over 2000 years old! Sacred to some, mysterious to others, it shows different figures in its roots that have formed through the years.

Hierve el Agua – An hour and half away from Oaxaca are these mineral water hot springs, which feature a beautiful waterfall which cascades over a mountain, offering a fantastic view! You will love to swim in its natural pools and there are also other activities available such as walking tours, camping, and rappelling.

Mezcal Distilleries – Visit several mezcal distilleries to learn about the fermentation process in which Mezcal is made and taste the different flavors of this Mexican liquor.

Santo Domingo – This Colonial building is one of the most important in Mexico and perhaps throughout all Latin America due to its monumentality, its artistic value, and its former use as a center of evangelization to the territory of what is now the state of Oaxaca.

Santo Domingo is part of the historic center of Oaxaca City, which has been declared cultural patrimony of humanity by the UNESCO!

Full Weekend Excursions (2 and 3 days)

We invite you to live eco-tourism in these beautiful places!

Puerto Escondido – Puerto Escondido is a destination located on the exotic shores of the Mexican Pacific waters, blessed with its tropical climate. The beauty of its natural attractions is perhaps what attracts tourists, local and foreign alike, and find the perfect place to get away from the everyday routine.

Puerto Angel – This small fishing port has an exceptionally rustic beauty, and is located in a picturesque bay of the South Pacific Oaxaca coast, surrounded by high cliffs covered with lush vegetation and white sandy beaches. This beautiful beach of white sand and warm water, transparent to its depths, has beautiful crystal clear waters and a sea of intense blue and green colors, with different types of waves!

Huatulco – Huatulco is famous for its nine bays and 36 beaches with the most gentle waves and water in shades of teal! During your visit to Huatulco you can explore Bay Tangolunda for the best golf courts on the Mexican Pacific, or Santa Cruz Bay, famous as one of the main ecological reserves for its coral reefs and its abundant marine life, and because it is where the annual sail fishing tournament takes place between the months of April and May!

Adventure Activities

Students can take part in other activities, such as trips to neighboring towns, visits to archaeological zones, mountain biking tours, rappelling, hiking, rock climbing or paragliding. The cost of the excursions and activities is not included in academic expenses. Please feel free to request more information!

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