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Founded in 1573, Córdoba is the second largest city in Argentina and one of the oldest in South America. It also goes by the name of “La Docta” (an expression meaning “The Scholarly”), since it has the first university in the country.

Due to its central location within the national territory, Córdoba affords easy access to Argentina’s main tourist attractions: the Iguazú Falls, the Patagonia region and the glaciers, the Northern region, and the cities of Buenos Aires and Mendoza, among others. The city of Cordoba is a major destination for those wishing to learn Spanish while traveling around.

Córdoba is a major city, but free from typical megacity safety and traffic-jam issues. It is also a perfect mix of the historic and the modern, and famous for the easygoing character of its inhabitants. Circuits in the city include the pedestrian promenades joining the San Martín Square with the ancient Cathedral, the historical Cabildo (town council), the university and several museums, to name a few. Providing a striking contrast with the historical city, there is a modern and lively parallel Córdoba with shopping areas and commercial malls, and a wide offer of cultural and recreational activities. When the sun sets, the city presents a lively atmosphere, manifested in theater performances, cultural events, peñas (folk shows), pubs and discos.

Regarding historical sites, the Jesuit circuit, which is on the UNESCO World´s Heritage list, consists of five estancias (agricultural and livestock production establishments) located in our province´s territory: Caroya (1616), Jesús María (1618), Santa Catalina (1622), Alta Gracia (1643) and La Candelaria (1683). The Jesuit legacy is also present in our city. The “Manzana Jesuítica” (Jesuit Block) in the downtown area is a monumental group comprising the Company of Jesus´ Church, the Domestic Chapel, the historical building of the University and the Colegio de Monserrat.

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