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Cuenca, or as commonly referred to as "Cuenca de Los Andes", is Ecuador's third largest and most important city, located in the Highlands, at 8,200 feet/2,560 m above sea level.

The city is famous for maintaining the characteristic beauty and peacefulness of an ancient city, and the Historical Centre of Cuenca was declared "Patrimony of Humankind" by the United Nations due to the preservation of its cultural heritage, in spite of its rapid development. The city proudly hosts various Markets and Fairs, Museums, Churches, Parks and Squares, Patrimonial Buildings, and Archaeological Ruins.

Cuenca is also known to be a big supporter for culture and art, annually hosting the Festival of the Scenic Arts, and the only festival of plastic arts in the country "Bienal Internacional de Cuenca" celebrated every two years. It is also a city of artisans, and original makers of the traditional "Panama Hats". By studying Spanish in Cuenca you will be able to learn about many of the city's cultural attractions.

Situated south of the capital city of Quito, it is divided in two by the river Tomebamba having its residential areas in one side and the commercial sector of the city on the other. Its main plaza is situated stunningly over 9,000 feet above sea level! The river provides a magnificent landscape, and its waters are crystal-clear! Cuenca is also home to National Park "El Cajas", one of the most important natural and archaeological centres, containing a large portion of the biodiversity in the country. Over the years eco-tourism has become one of the most important features in Cuenca, giving you the opportunity to explore its mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, creeks, and more!

Cuenca's climate is truly privileged due to its location on the Andean Valley. Its year round temperature ranges 77ºF/25ºC, except during the winter when temperatures vary around 54ºF/15ºC. Such ideal climate is also perfect for the planting and harvesting of flowers and orchids, which are export quality.

A perfect mix between history, culture, eco-tourism, and adventure, studying Spanish in Cuenca will be a great option!

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