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Learn Spanish in Ecuador: Amazing Amazon


Join us on one of the most amazing study programs in the Amazon jungle!

The Amazon Jungle is the world’s largest and densest rain forest with more diverse plants and animals than any other jungle in the world. The Amazon's river, lakes, streams and marshlands support over 600 species of fish and more than 250 species of amphibians and reptiles; and over 100 species of trees have been discovered per acre! If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to see many typical South American fauna, like armadillos, honey bears, sloths, tapirs, many different types of monkeys, boars, ocelots, jaguars, manatees, and of course, river caiman!

The program begins in Puerto Francisco de Orellana, more commonly known as El Coca, which is a small town on the edge of rivers Coca and Napo. At the port you will board a motor canoe that will take you deep into the Amazon Jungle, reaching the program destination 60 minutes later. From Quito you can reach El Coca by bus (10 hours over-night) or by plane, but worry not, as we will make these arrangements for you!

After a ride along the Napo river, you will arrive at the program destination, Yarina Lodge. Yarina is considered a unique place in the region, and it is a member of the "Yuturi" Conservation Group in charge of the preservation of the Amazon Jungle. This 450 acre reserve will give you the opportunity to learn about wildlife, the fauna of the region often used by its indigenous population to heal diseases, and about the ethic groups that live isolated into the Jungle.

This Ecuadorian part is particularly beautiful, and some of the disadvantages of other parts of Amazonia, such as not being able to swim in the water, are not applicable here. The lodge is comfortably furnished and provides hot water and electricity nearly all day long, and has a large kitchen-cabin where delicious meals are prepared for your delight!

For the adventurous only, you are welcome to attend our program in Amazing Amazon whether it be for 1 week or for as long as you desire!

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