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The Galapagos Islands are located about 63 miles (1,000km) off the Ecuadorian mainland, directly on the equator. The Galapagos are made up of 13 major islands, and 5 of these are inhabited. The islands were formed by volcanic eruptions, and some of the islands (Fernandina and Isabela) are still erupting.

Some of these islands have very strange, arid lunarscapes, and have only allowed very hard flora to grow endemically. As a result, wildlife on the islands has adapted to these harsh conditions, making them equally resilient. You will be amazed to discover that in spite of their proximity, the islands boast unique flora and fauna which is different from one another.

Our program takes place in the Island of Santa Cruz, at Puerto Ayora. Santa Cruz has the largest human population of 10,000 inhabitants, and is the most visited island in the Galapagos.

The town of Puerto Ayora has many conveniences you may need to enjoy a holiday and learn Spanish. The town has schools, hotels, stores and restaurants, and is also home to the famous Charles Darwin Research Station where giant tortoises are bred and prepared to be released back into the wild.

Puerto Ayora also has a privileged location and receives a refreshing breeze most of the year, providing its visitors a wonderful weather, ranging 82º/64ºF (29º/18ºC). December to May are the months with the hottest climate, making Puerto Ayora a tropical paradise!

From Quito, one of the most convenient ways to get to Galapagos is by air. From Quito’s International airport you can arrive into Baltra airport, and from there, you will board a Ferry to where the program will be taking place, giving you the chance to experience magnificent marine landscapes!

Learning Spanish in the Galapagos Islands will give you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing study-vacation, whether you wish to book Spanish immersion only, or take advantage of a super package including classes, accommodation in a beautiful 3-star hotel, and daily activities and excursions in the islands! Fun times and adventure are free and guaranteed!

Please keep in mind that because Galapagos is a protected natural reserve and was recently declared a National Park, a fee of $110 USD is required upon entry. This fee is paid directly to the Park authorities as you arrive at the Baltra airport, and is not included as part of our programs.

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