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If you are an open-minded traveller, and have been doubtful about which location to choose for only having about 1 or 2 weeks to spend for studying and seeing as much of Ecuador as you can, the Spanish and Travel option will certainly be your best choice!

Having the city of Quito as a departure point, students travel with experienced and qualified teachers who also act as guides every day. The concept of a travelling classroom is the perfect way to explore much of Ecuador's natural wonders, and truly become immersed in Ecuador’s culture, varying from region to region.

For the adventurous only, this program will enable you to explore much of Ecuador's Highlands and the Amazon Jungle. Get a chance to explore the following locations, according to the itinerary of your preference:


Cuenca and Ingapirca
Cuenca was one of the first cities that came under the Inca Empire domination. When the Incas arrived to this city, they named it Tomebamba, which means "River Valley of Knives". Nowadays, one of the rivers of Cuenca has kept this name. The ceremonial center of Ingapirca, which was built by the Incas, is located some sixty kilometers north of Cuenca, in Hatun Cañar. This place is considered to be the most important archaeological place in the country!

An indigenous town on Ecuador's valley surrounded by volcanos Imbambura, Cotocachi, and Mojanda. Famous for its artisan crafts and textiles market which attract visitors from the world over! Among its best features you may visit are the Peguche Waterfalls, the Cuicocha Lagoon, and the Cotopaxi National Park.

Latacunga and the Lagoon of Quilotoa
The town of Latacunga is located on the Plateau of Ecuador, and is home to the lagoon of Quilotoa, which is actually a water filled caldera on the Ecuadorian Andes westernmost volcano. The 2 mile (3 km) long caldera's lake has a greenish colour, and volcano fumaroles and hot springs occur on the eastern flank of the volcano. Hike or horseback ride to see this beautiful site which is quickly gaining popularity!

Riobamba, famous "Devil's Nose", and Chimoborazo
Known as the "Cradle for Ecuadorian Nationality", "Sultan of the Andes", and "Heart of the Nation", Riobamba is a city known for its history and beauty, capital of the province of Chimborazo, and home to Ecuador's highest volcano of the same name. From Riobamba you can catch the train for an exhilarating ride to the famous "Devil's Nose" to the town of Alusi.

Chimborazo volcano is the highest point in Ecuador's Andes Mountains, and although it is not the tallest mountain in the world, it is considered to be the farthest point on the surface of the Earth from the center at a distance of 3,968 miles (6,384.4 km)!

Situated in a valley of waterfalls and hotsprings, Baños has become a mecca for international travelers seeking year-round temperate weather, a small town atmosphere, and a base for exploring the great Ecuadorian outdoors! Baños offers hot springs, horseback riding, trekking, rafting, climbing and mountain biking.

Papallacta and the Hot Springs
Papallacta is a small village in Ecuador located at an altitude of over 9,000 ft (3,300) m in the Andes just off the Eastern Cordilleras on the road from Quito which leads into the Amazon jungle. The scenic drive from Quito to Papallacta passes through several towns and small villages before ascending to a peak of over 12,000 ft (4,000 m) where views of mountains and glaciers are visible. Descending from the peak to Papallacta, one passes through the portal where the ecosystems transform from alpine to tropical jungle.

The village of Papallacta itself is known as a tourist destination for its several hot springs and spas, and you will have a chance to relax at Termas de Papallacta Hot Springs.


Puyo and Hola Vida Natural Reserve
Gateway to the Amazon Jungle, this little town has become one of the main turistic sites in Ecuador due to the numerous adventures to be enjoyed. During your visit you will explore the Hola Vida Natural Reserve, a 225 acre Natural Reserve located in the Amazon Jungle; it is home to various rivers, fantastic flora and fauna, and the famous cascades!

Misahualli Jungle and Lodge
Misahualli is a bustling and somewhat remote port at the juncture of the rivers Napo and Misahualli. The village was the original Ecuadorian jungle tourist outpost, and after dozens of years and despite the entrance of Tena and other jungle towns into the tourism market, is still a popular starting point for jungle tours and canoe trips. Misahualli Jungle Lodge was built on an unspoiled, and slightly overgrown, 145 acre plot of Ecuador's primary rainforest surrounded by the Napo River and the Misahualli River.

The cozy cabins at Misahualli Jungle Lodge are made of natural materials of the region, equipped with a private bathroom (with hot water showers), a ventilation system, electricity available 24-hours, and a swimming pool in the middle of the property. Daily tours and excursions around the jungle are arranged, like canoeing, hiking, visiting an ethnic community, among others.

Tena and the caves of Jumandy
Tena is the quintessential South American jungle town, and the perfect launching point for a jungle trek and a spelunking expedition. It is an amazing place surrounded by rivers, offering you a unique opportunity for the best adventure activities in Ecuador! You will be in for a treat at the Jumandy caves, which are a labyrinth of natural caves extending several miles underground!

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