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Located along the Pacific coast of South America, Chile is a long and narrow country that is bordered by Peru in the north, Bolivia and Argentina in the east, and the ocean in the west and the south.

With a surface area of 756,096 square kilometers (472,569 sq. mi), Chile boasts 14.7 million inhabitants, 4.3 million of them concentrated in the capital of the country, Santiago. 80% of the population is urban-based.

Politically, Chile is divided into 12 regions plus the Metropolitan Region, and also including the Antarctic territory.

The official language of Chile is Spanish, and its currency is the Chilean peso. The people are primarily mestizo, a combination of European and indigenous descent, and the indigenous traditions are still prevalent in several parts of the country. Chile's literacy rate is one of Latin America's highest at 94%. Nearly 90% of the Chileans are Roman Catholic, but there is freedom of religious expression.

Chilean people are friendly and hospitable to foreigners. The economy is strong and law enforcement is trustworthy. These characteristics together with the beautiful landscapes and well developed transportation system make this country a very attractive destination for all its visitors.

Chile is a land of extraordinary extremes and stunning natural beauty. The country boasts over 2700 miles (4,300km) of coastline and encompasses a wide variety of geography. It is bounded by the Andes Mountains to the east, the Atacama Desert to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Patagonia region to the south. Journeying from the lush vineyards of central Chile to the icy polar region in the south, you'll find it hard to believe that all this variety and all this beauty can be found in one place.

Against this striking natural backdrop exists one of the most stable economies in South America. Chile has one of the lowest rates of unemployment on the continent, and in recent years has negotiated free-trade agreements with nations worldwide. The Chilean people pride themselves on their dependable financial system, reliable government, and modern facilities, as well as on their welcoming receptivity to foreigners.

Locations in Chile:


Viña del Mar


Spanish Courses in Viña del Mar

Ranked among the safest cities in Latin America, with the highest quality of living. Known as the "garden city", Viña del Mar offers perfect Mediterranean weather year round, beautiful beaches perfect for surfing and sun bathing, and numerous parks throughout the city. A perfect place to take your Spanish lessons and improve your Spanish skills. It is also a big supporter for cultural and artistic activities, hosting an annual international music festival. See more


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