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Just as some of the largest countries on earth contain vast expanses of empty, barren land, some of the smallest countries on earth contain what can only be considered an unfairly large and spectacular proportion of the world's bio-diversity. You could easily miss Costa Rica on a map – it’s hemmed in between North and South America and its land mass is not even half the size of the U.S. state of Kentucky. Yet the "Rich Coast" of Central America is an adventure playground of tropical rainforests, active volcanoes, cascading rivers, deep blue lakes, exotic beaches, incredible surf, millions of species of flora and fauna and much, much more. Given this incredible natural diversity within such a small space it's hard to see how any trip to Costa Rica can be anything less than one fantastic eco-venture. Just take plenty of camera film - we promise you'll need it.

Historically, Costa Rica has a reputation as one of the most economically, as well as, politically secure of all Latin American countries. It has been known as the "Switzerland of the Americas", owing to its strong social welfare system and politically peaceful resolutions to disputes. The history of non-violence is very impressive considering the long battles occurring just on Costa Rica's borders. Literacy rate in the country is 95% even higher than in the United States and government support of public education is very strong.

The people of Costa Rica are self-assured, courteous and amicable. The Costa Ricans call themselves "Ticos" and above all else they respect the family unit. Religious holidays and independence celebrations are the largest community gatherings. The residents are known as a humble people with a more conservative approach to life. Costa Ricans are well known to be laid back, in regard to the pace of life, they tend to move deliberately to get things done. By night, Costa Ricans become the masters of the dance floor. Discos thrive with people in masses showing passion for such dances as the cumbia, lambada, marcado, merengue, salsa, soca and the Costa Rican swing.

The climate in the mountainous areas is continually spring-like; temperatures ranging from 60 F to 79 F, the coast has much hotter temperatures ranging from 70 F to 86 F. The dry season is from late December to April, the wet season lasting the rest of the year.

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