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Why Spanish in Ecuador


Great things come in small packages!

Ecuador is a multi-ethnic country, rich in culture, nature and archaeology. It is situated on the equatorial line, at cero latitude. It is among the smallest countries in South America, yet despite its size Ecuador has the larges bio-diversity per square meter and is home to some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on earth!

Contained within the borders of this small equatorial country are beautiful beaches, amazing jungles, peaceful green valleys, Andean snow capped mountains, protected rain forests and cloud forests, and the famous Galapagos Islands. Ecuador has the largest concentration of rivers per square mile in the world, and throughout its regions you can find species that are not found anywhere else.

Ecuador has territories in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. It borders Colombia to the north and shares a border with Peru to the south and to the east. The Pacific Ocean serves as its western border. Ecuador is geographically divided into four natural regions: the highlands (sierra), the coast, the jungle and the Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador became one of the most renowned places in the world to learn Spanish, as it is the country where the clearest accent-free Spanish is spoken. Though this results in many different options for your Spanish learning, only few ones have as many years of experience and top quality as our programs.

So, why should you choose Ecuador as your learning location? You choose the best answer:

  • To see its amazingly preserved cultural cities
  • To explore the heart of the Amazon Jungle
  • To learn about the most amazing and unique wildlife species in the world
  • For an adventurous and educational experience

Or all of the above!

Should you desire to study Spanish in the Andean cities of Quito or Cuenca, or prefer an adventure filled holiday + learning course at the Amazon Jungle, Galapagos or the Travelling Classroom; you will discover a beautiful country and learn Spanish at the same time, only in Ecuador!

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Spanish Courses in Quito

Capital city of Ecuador and the middle of the world. The Spanish spoken here is clear and accent-free, making it the perfect place to learn Spanish! The city has a very strong cultural heritage reflected in its preserved Historical district, recognized by the United Nations as "Patrimony for mankind". See more


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