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Argentina is undoubtedly one of South America's most beautiful and important countries, and one of the best places in the world to learn Spanish!

With a total population of over 40 million, mostly of European descent, Argentina is the third largest South American country, enabling its visitors to enjoy a wide variety of landscapes and climates, and various activities for the adventurous and culture lovers alike! From glaciers in its southern tip where it practically reaches Antarctica, to the subtropical regions in the north bordering Brazil, you can find snow covered mountains, vast farming plains, mighty rivers with roaring waterfalls, a seemingly endless coastline with beautiful beaches, and of course, large modern cities.

Argentina was once known as South America's wealthiest country, which is reflected in its larger cities' opulence. The country also holds a very strong cultural heritage and is a big supporter of its art, literature, and culture. But we could not possibly refer to this enchanting country without mentioning its folklore and Tango, which occupies a privileged place in representing the country all over the world! Though most think of tango as only music and dancing, Argentinean tango has its own particular customs and uses, and even a particular philosophy that identifies its people. Argentinean tango is the mother of all tango styles you could find anywhere else!

Sports are also a major highlight of this country, especially its soccer! Who doesn't know the story of Maradona, or the soccer clubs of River Plate and Boca Juniors? Sports are definitely a passion to most in Argentina, regardless of age, gender, or social background!

The Spanish spoken in Argentina is different from the Spanish spoken in the rest of Latin America, mainly due to Argentina's Italian and Spanish influence representing over 80% of the population. Even so, Argentina is one of the main destinations for learning Spanish, where you are guaranteed to have an amazing time and a very rewarding cultural experience!

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Buenos Aires




Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires

Capital city of Argentina and home of Tango dancing and soccer, Buenos Aires is the most elegant, cosmopolitan, and multifaceted metropolis in Latin America. With a strong European heritage, it is the Mecca for culture lovers through its numerous museums, conference rooms, art galleries, theaters, and world class national and international show performances. Truly guarantees amazement in all its visitors! See more


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