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The city of Quito is the capital of Ecuador, and the second highest capital in the world at stunning 10,000ft/2,800mts! It is a place that offers a fantastic combination of beautiful mountains, valleys, cultural and historical attractions, charming streets and plazas, historical monuments, and parks; truly making a visit to Quito a breathtaking experience!

Quito's Historical district was declared "Patrimony of Humankind" by the United Nations due to the amazing preservation of its colonial past reflected in Quito's Old Town. North of the city is Quito's New Town, where the modern buildings and commercial areas are located, the Mariscal district is near Old Town, which concentrates all the tourist services you can imagine: shops, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, galleries, museums, photo labs, bars, craft markets, etc.

A walk through Quito's Historical district is a very pleasant experience, whether you do this by foot or aboard a traditional horse carriage. The Historical district features gorgeous colonial architecture, over 40 churches and chapels, 16 convents and monasteries, 17 relaxing plazas, 12 museums and courtyards, and the unique energy and vibe found within its residents!

Do not miss a visit to Middle of the World during your time in Quito! Middle of the World is a large monument, and there you can enjoy mini-concerts from indigenous groups playing their cultural songs. There is also the "0 latitude" museum, and Quito History museums. Artwork is certainly a must, as well as weighing yourself and discovering that you weigh less on the equator!

Other recreational activities you can enjoy in Quito are the Sunday "Ciclopaseos" where 20 miles (30 kilometres) of roads running north-south through the city are completely closed to traffic, and people cycle, run and blade the route. There are also many opportunities for mountain biking to surrounding volcanoes, lakes, and valleys; and you can even ride a cable car to see a magnificent view of the city and surroundings from over 14,000 feet high!

Quito is undoubtedly the perfect place to visit if you want to acquire Spanish fluency, and it is certainly the starting point for a great Andean adventure!

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