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The program consists of grammar workshops, where various subjects are covered, depending on the concerns the participants may have, as well as subjects that somehow have become a headache for the majority of people who speak Spanish as a second language.

I Week
» Por / Para
» Ser – Estar
» Pretérito vs. Imperfecto
» Pronombres Directos e Indirectos
» Ser + Participio Pasado
» Estar + Participio Pasado
» Subjuntivo vs. Indicativo

II Week
» Sinónimos y antónimos
» Homónimos
» Leyes del acento – Parónimos
» Hiato y Diptongo
» Cartas – Formales, Comerciales
» Vocabulario de términos educativos

These workshops will be given intensively, allowing conversation to take place in a natural and spontaneous manner. Each workshop will last one to two weeks (5-½ hrs per day).

The participants will also have the opportunity to visit schools or high schools, and interview educators and principals of Educational Centers where they will learn and share the principal differences of the educational system here and in the USA.

During these workshops,the participants will choose the subjects tp discuss, and we will analyze newspaper or magazine articles with the purpose of increasing students’ vocabulary and also improving their fluency.

The groups are small, with no more than five participants, who will be evaluated on the first day to be located in their respective groups (beginners, intermediate or advanced).

There will be tours guided by a school professor so the participants will have the opportunity to go out and see important cultural aspects, like city markets and much more.

During the stay, they will learn recipes with their host families, have dancing classes with tropical rhythms (Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue), and attend cultural activities like visits to museums and teathers.

At the end of the workshops, a participation certificate will be given.

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