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Weekday School Excursions

Quito is a city with plenty to offer for all tastes. Historic Quito prides itself on its churches, museums, and art galleries, from Pre-Incan gold collections to Oswaldo Guayasamìn's world-renowned artwork. In addition, Quito hosts many cultural activities with traditional music and dancing. You can spend the afternoon strolling through the Parque La Carolina - the perfect place to observe the local people, enjoy a book, join in a soccer match, or visit the Botanical Garden.

Explore Quito and its surrounding points of interest with weekly excursions organized by the school. Take a guided tour through Quito's historic old town and marvel at the colonial architecture and countless churches. Ride the Teleférico up Volcan Pichincha, and experience a breathtaking view from 4,050 meters. Visit the Mitad del Mundo, located 23 km North of Quito, where you can bounce between the hemispheres while performing scientific experiments.

Weekly excursions are the perfect way to experience the Quito area with a teacher and, of course, to practice your Spanish outside of the classroom.

Weekend School Excursions

Cotopaxi National Park and Volcano
Less than two hours' drive from Quito stands the impressive Cotopaxi Volcano at 5897 meters above sea level. Cotopaxi is the highest snow-capped volcano on earth and attracts hundreds of visitors each year.

It is a playground for lovers of the outdoors and of adventure, with limitless opportunities for climbing, trekking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Explore Cotopaxi by bike. Bike on dirt roads through a variety of landscapes and enjoy the incredible view of 8 different volcanoes.

In addition, the school can help you arrange your excursion to summit Cotopaxi, which requires specific climbing gear and acclimatization to the elevation.

Mindo Cloud Forest
The area known as Mindo, which encompasses the watersheds of the rivers Tandayapa, Nambillo and Mindo, is located approximately two hours from Quito and is world-renowned as one of the most bird diverse areas of the planet.

Its cloud forest environment is truly diverse, tumbling down from the icy peaks of Volcano Pichincha, at nearly 4,800 meters, to the steamy tropical rainforest around 1,000 meters. This difference in elevation explains the incredible biological diversity of Mindo. The varying range of elevations provides a variety of niches for different flora and fauna to exploit. Explore this fantastical region of tranquility, beauty, and fun, where vegetation drips off vegetation and where adventure follows you everywhere.

You can take a guided tour through the forest, arranged by the school, and learn about the unique diversity of flora and fauna. Swim in a waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation. Glide above the forest canopy on zip lines and get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. Visit a butterfly farm and then tube down a river.

For early risers and bird lovers, there is also the opportunity to take a guided tour... you may even spot the famous Quetzal.

Papallacta Natural Hot Springs
The perfect escape from Quito lies just 67 kilometers from the city. Here you will encounter wild, high-altitude terrain, great for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, as well as a first-class spa and hot springs resort. Relax in the hot springs of Papallacta, with pools varying in temperature. After soaking in the pools, enjoy fresh local trout. Return to Quito refreshed and ready to study Spanish!

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