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We offer a variety of housing options to accommodate your specific needs and objectives. Enjoy the liberty and privacy offered by a private apartment or a luxury hotel in Puerto Vallarta or go for the comforts of a Mexican homestay to help you learn Spanish in the most efficient way.

Mexican Host Family*

We strongly recommend the option of homestay staying with a Mexican Host Family. You will be placed with a local family who will introduce you to the typical lifestyle of Mexico and will help you learn Spanish by practicing on a daily basis what you have learned in class and in day-to-day activities. We have carefully selected local families for your homestay and you will become “part of the family” while in Puerto Vallarta. You can select a private or a shared room. Additionally, you will be provided breakfast only or dinner as well* each day with your family. *Depending on the meal plan you choose – rates vary. *Our Mexican families do not have air conditioning. They only use fans. Feel free to book a hotel or rent an apartment if you feel like you will need extra cooling during your stay.

Shared apartment

Should you want to be immersed with locals but enjoy more freedom during your stay, we also offer a couple of options to share an apartment with locals. You will have your own room, and will share common areas: kitchen, living room, and bathroom. No meals will be included but you will have full access to the kitchen if you wish to cook! This is a great way to be immersed in local life and to practice your Spanish outside of the classroom, while benefitting from the independence of a private accommodation.

Independent Apartment or House:

If you wish to enjoy more privacy and independence in the comforts of your own dwelling, we can assist you in finding the perfect place for your stay. Once you have selected the accommodation that suits you best, we will guide you through the steps to secure your local residence. This option will allow you to learn Spanish and immerse yourself in Puerto Vallarta's life at your own pace. The price will be determined by the owner and payment arrangements will be made directly through them.


If you prefer the comfort and luxury of a hotel we also have a listing of hotels for your consideration. Puerto Vallarta offers countless hotel options in a wide range of prices and categories, from inexpensive hostels to luxury all-inclusive five-star resorts.

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